Fishing Matrix


King Salmon Fishing

Throughout the summer months the King Salmon make their way from the Pacific Ocean back to their home: the Cook Inlet. They travel thousands of miles to come back to their place of birth and spawn. This is the largest King Salmon run in the world and you can try your hand at catching one of these well-traveled, huge fish.

We provide some of the best guides out on the river, and once fishing you will see why 20+ years of experience is something that you can not only trust, but something that cannot be beat.

Best time of the year: June and July

Silver Salmon

Like the Kings, these Salmon are fighters. But unlike the King Salmon, you can catch a couple of these a day. The Kenai has a great Silver Salmon fishery, that draws anglers from all around. So, if you are not after that world record King Salmon, and you like a fish that can fight, then Silver Salmon fishing may be for you.

Best time of the year: August

Halibut Fishing

About one hour away from Hi-Lo Lodge lies the Cook Inlet next to Ninilchik Village where Halibut are caught, and men are made. Fishing in anywhere from 80 to 500 feet of water you have the opportunity to reel in the gigantic creatures of the deep known as Halibut.

Best time of the year: Any part of the summer

Razor Clam Digging

Located in Ninilchik, you will find the biggest razor clams you have ever seen. It is about an hour drive from the lodge and has the most spectacular clam digging. All you need are a couple of buckets, shovels and a hand ready to dig.

Best time of the year: Summer and whenever the tide is -1ft or lower

Sockeye Salmon Fishing

This fish is the bread and butter of Alaskan commercial salmon operations. And for good reason too. The Sockeye Salmon, also called a "Red" for its bright red color when spawning, comes into the Kenai river in droves. The number of Sockeye forecasted to attempt to make it into the Kenai is 4.9 million, with a range between 1.6 to 8.3 million. That is a lot of fish. The other interesting fact about the Sockeye Salmon is its eating habits while in the river. Basically, once the fish enters the river, it does not eat anything, making catching it quite interesting. Lets just say that, although they do not bite lures, there are enough of them to snag a couple in the mouth. Its a unique type of fishing that you will just have to experience for yourself.

Best time of the year: Middle June, and late July through middle August

Rainbow Trout

Do you want to catch a 35 pound rainbow trout? Of course you do. Most people fishing in the lower 48 dream of a 15 pound rainbow trout. As they say, everything is bigger in Alaska, and Rainbows are no different. Fishing for Rainbow trout on the Kenai, is totally different than fishing for Kings; you use different techniques, bait, and even fish on a different part of the river. So, if you get tired of fishing for Kings, Rainbow are a great option, and are biting, basically, all summer long.

Best time of the year: Middle June and Late August through September

Fly-Outs and Sightseeing

Hop into a float plane for some great fishing and great Alaskan sightseeing. Partaking in a fly out almost guarantees catching fish. You can do a fly out for anything from King Salmon to Pike. Our most popular flyout is for the Sockeye salmon fishing, although flyfishing for trout is always popular also. In addition to fishing, you get to see a side of Alaska that is untouched by roads and construction. You will see bears in their natural habitat surrounded by the wonderful scenery of mountains, streams, and waterfalls. A fly-out is an adventure for those wanting to escape daily life, even if just for a couple hours.

And for those not into fishing, we also provide fly-out trips for the sightseers in the group. You do not have to catch a fish in order to experience Alaska, and see its many wonders. There are trips solely for animal watching. With these you can see bears, moose, elk, and whatever else might show itself to you. Or, you can go on a tour of the glaciers surrounding the cook inlet. Some planes will even land on top of a glacier to give you a first hand experience of one of Alaska premier attractions.

Best time of the year: Summer

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