The Kasilof River is a tidal influenced, glacial fed river just south of Kenai. It is a drift boat only river and a hatchery enhanced fishery. Over the last several years the Kasilof has started to out shine the Kenai in June. It offers abundant wildlife, less fishing pressure, and some excellent tidewater fishing.
And unlike the Kenai, you may return to catch and release fishing after taking your bag limit. And some days is even open to double limits.

An average king salmon on the Kasilof is between 15-20 pounds, but each year sees a few upwards of 40 pounds.

Fishing on the Kasilof River

The Kasilof River sometimes gets over looked because of its proximity to the mighty Kenai River, home of the world record king salmon, but it has much to offer to anglers. The Kasilof is drift boat only which lends itself to a different fishing experience. Without the noise of motors, one is able to enjoy the tranquil Alaska setting and wildlife. The Kasilof is a hatchery enhanced fishery which improves the catch ratio and allows more lenient regulations than the Kenai. In addition to being able to keep two kings, you may also catch and release after taking your limit. The Kasilof has been rewarding us with great fishing trips so far this season!


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If you are looking to try something different on your next trip to Hi-Lo you should add a trout trip to your lodging/fishing package. Over the last few years these trips have become increasingly popular with our guest. A day of fly fishing is a fantastic exciting yet relaxing change of pace from the intensity of fighting a Kenai king salmon. Our trout trips are provided by Dan Hardy of D-Ray Personal Guide service. Dan is a born and raised Alaskan guide that has fished Alaska’s waters for over thirty years.

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Just let us know what you are wanting to experience, and Dan and I can customize a day of fishing for you. Looking for your first Steelhead trout caught on a fly? Wanting to catch a trophy size rainbow trout? Are you a first timer that just wants to have a go at fly fishing? Dan fishes all of the Kenai Peninsula’s premiere rivers, like the Kenai, Kasilof, and Russian rivers.

Dan’s equipment is top of the line and his stories and expertise makes for an enjoyable day on the water.

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Trout season on the Kenai opens mid June and fishing is good in June and July for resident fish. The peak of the season is mid August through October.

If you are not planning a visit to the Kenai Peninsula but are going to be in the Anchorage area, Dan also has access to the lakes and streams just north of Anchorage in the Mat-Su Valley. He provides  salmon, and trout trips on Willow Creek, Montana Creek, Kashwitna, and Talkeetna Rivers.

Our thanks go out to D-Ray Personal Guide Service for providing our clients with a trip of a lifetime experience

All photos courtesy of Dan Hardy