Emergency Restrictions do NOT affect lower Kenai

I have received some phone calls concerning the new restrictions on the Kenai. These changes do not affect the portions of the river that Hi-Lo fishes. And as of today we are set to begin fishing with bait tomorrow as usual.
The new regulations are to protect the spawning grounds of the early run salmon that are already up river. The late run fishery in the lower river remains unchanged.

Fishing on the Kasilof River

The Kasilof River sometimes gets over looked because of its proximity to the mighty Kenai River, home of the world record king salmon, but it has much to offer to anglers. The Kasilof is drift boat only which lends itself to a different fishing experience. Without the noise of motors, one is able to enjoy the tranquil Alaska setting and wildlife. The Kasilof is a hatchery enhanced fishery which improves the catch ratio and allows more lenient regulations than the Kenai. In addition to being able to keep two kings, you may also catch and release after taking your limit. The Kasilof has been rewarding us with great fishing trips so far this season!